Rain and flooding

Bildquelle: nhk.or.jp

During the course fo last week there has been heavy rain especially in the western parts of Japan. The rains lead to flooding, mudslides in many areas. In our area the rain has not been much more than You would expect from a usual “Tsuyu”-month, but the western and southern regions have been hit by unusually heavy rains. In many areas there has been flooding, many people died, many are still unaccounted for.


Bildquelle: nhk.or.jo

Please pray for the families, who lost everything due to flooding and have to rebuild their lives now. Please pray that they find Jesus, who is able to give hope and strength, even in hopeless situations as these.


Bildquelle: nhk.or.jp

Please pray for the families who lost loved ones, that they may find time to grief. Please pray that they find Jesus, who can give comfort, even in dark hours like these.

Please pray that the people who are still unaccounted for survive this disaster, so that they will have another chance to start a relationship with Jesus Christ, who is able to help to cope, even with trauma like this.

Please pray for Japan.

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